Alexandria, Egypt


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We first walked by the Sphinx, which is way smaller than you would expect, but it was still awesome then you would see. Then, we walked up to the Pyramids. The Giza Pyramids have the Sphinx and then 3 pyramids, although one of them is really small. We walked by the bigger two, and at the Pyramids, you constantly get hassled for services. People are always asking you to ride their camel, buy their postcards, etc., it gets annoying after a while, but I'm so used to it right now because it happens in almost all of the countries we go to on this trip, so we know that if you just ignore them, they stop after a while. Also, one disappointment of the Pyramids is that there is tons of garbage right next to them. You see cans, bottles, bags, etc. right next to the Pyramids. They could really do a better job with upkeep there and a better job with not littering them, but to me, it didn't really take away from the Pyramids, they were awesome, although they felt a bit unreal. You hear about them from the time you are young, and its hard to believe you are actually seeing them when you do. Anyway, we ended up going in the second biggest pyramid, which you have to pay extra for (its 50 Egyptian pounds to get into the Giza Pyramids complex, another 25 to get into the Middle Pyramid, so that's around $15 USD total for that Egypt, they really hit up the tourists at all the destinations, you pay $5-$10 at each one and in Egypt, you end up going to a lot of them so it adds up.) Anyway, the inside of the Pyramid was really of the hottest things I've ever experienced. It also has very low ceilings on the descent down, and it's a steep decent (you keep having to go up and down inclines with 4.5 foot rooves) but it was still awesome to be inside a Pyramid.

Max Baez -- University of Arizona>
New York, NY