Alexandria, Egypt


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"Riding on a camel to the pyramids at sunrise is probably something that I never imagined myself doing!"
April Barresi, Manasquan, NJ

"I was the most intimidated to travel in Egypt, but after traveling there, my fears were not justified at all, I found Egyptians to be incredibly welcoming and friendly. I loved Egypt!"
Kristen Thompson, Merrells Inlet, SC

"Egypt was the port I was looking forward to the most and after having experienced it-it is one of the most memorable. I took at least 600 pictures there."
Emmanuel Hector, Brooklyn, NY

"I felt like a 10 year old kid in Egypt because I did all the things I thought of doing at that age."
Keeley Cooperidge

"Egypt was the most astonishing place I have ever been because of the history and the dynamic cultures that cross religious and ethnic boundaries. I loved it!"
Jacie Rowe

"I had the pleasure of spending an evening with an Egyptian family. I think Western media shows Arabs in a negative light; this experience completely disproved that notion. The family I met with was incredibly kind and welcoming. They treated me like a daughter and enriched my Egypt experience more than anything else I did."
Lindsay Zelinski, Potsdan, NY