Honolulu, Hawaii


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Hawaii Culture

To be quite honest, I have never really considered Hawaii all that different of a culture. We had to have a cultural pre-port meeting on the ship where they discuss aspects of the culture of the port that we are about to dock at and I wondered why, until I went. There were a few students that were from Hawaii and they basically ran the meeting. One of the boys did a native dance and a girl did a hula. They were such beautiful dances. While they were dancing, you could see the passion for their home on their faces. As they spoke, I began to understand the unique culture of Hawaii. I began to appreciate this other culture. I also have learned a lot about Hawaii's past and how America took it over just over a hundred years ago. America overturned their queen and took it over because they thought it was a good idea. This sad story is true and I began to understand how brutal imperialism was. I began to understand this impact on the Hawaiian people. It has never seemed real to me. The students' passion made it real; their eyes told the story of their culture.

Kristen Thompson -- College of Charleston
Murrells Inlet, SC