Honolulu, Hawaii


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I went snorkeling at Hanauma Bay; then went to Waikiki Beach.
- Chong Vang, La Crosse, Wisconsin

I took my parents on the ship and had dinner.
- Susan Duggan, Pearl City, Hawaii

I went home and I had lunch with my friends from high school.
- Kristy Hui, Honolulu, Hawaii

I went to Pearl Harbor and I stood next to a missile that was taller than me!
- Meghan Thomsen, Baltimore, Maryland

I went on a four hour hike of Olomona with 6 of my friends.
- Tal Debauche, Houston, Texas

I did the Pearl Harbor tour in the morning and really enjoyed that, and then in the afternoon I enjoyed the sun and walking around by the water.
- Alicia Cook, Faculty: Psychology, Colorado State University

I went to Pearl Harbor, the Arizona Memorial and walked around and bought stuff.
- Lindsey Berghegger, Cincinnati, Ohio

I went surfing at Waikiki!
- PJ Watrous, Orange County, California