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Letter from the SAS Family to C. H. Tung

September 24, 2007
Mr. Tung Chee-Hwa

Dear C.H.,

C. H. Tung with Professor Doris Wilsdorf

C. C. Tung with student Nick Sutton

          On behalf of the 45,000 Semester at Sea Alumni, and the countless friends of the Institute for Shipboard Education in the boardrooms, classrooms, and the ports across the globe, it is our distinct honor to welcome you aboard the MV Explorer, the current home of the Semester at Sea program now academically hosted by one of the world's most notable and distinguished universities, The University of Virginia.

          In the nearly 45 years that World Campus Afloat and ISE have hosted the world's premier shipboard global education program, each and every year has been marked by the presence of the Tung Family. Your family's high educational standards and on going support have been ever present in our academic life, our staff and crew, and of course, in the quality of our vessels. The generous contributions and steady vision of your father, Mr. C.Y. Tung, whose portrait hangs prominently and in perpetuity on Deck 6, kept the vision of education through shipboard life, well respected and engaged faculty, and the wonder of numerous ports of call around the world, alive through the early decades of the program. This vision continued through your support, followed by your brother, C.C. Tung's guidance as Chairman of the Board of the Institute for Shipboard Education, and later Chairman of the Institute Foundation.

Today, we stand on all of your shoulders, thankful for your family's loyalty, your father's dream, and your father's generous spirit that live on in ALL that we do.

          So, welcome aboard, Mr. Tung! And, thank you for all that you and your family have done to open the life of the seas to the hearts and minds of every Semester at Sea graduate, all of whom are now located across the globe as citizens of goodwill-- and good business-- worldwide!

          With deepest gratitude and continuing good wishes from your Semester at Sea family,

We remain,
Les McCabe, President
John P Tymitz, CEO Emeritus