Hong Kong

Hong Kong

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"The Asian Art Archive. It was 3 students and a teacher. We really got to understand modern art in Hong Kong and how the separation from Britain effected it."
Erika Cerles, San Francisco CA

"The big Buddha!"
Sera Micheal, Santa Cruz CA

"My birthday in Hong Kong, dancing in the streets in the rain."
Mark Baker, Portland OR

"We toured a floating restaurant and held a 2 foot lobster by its claws."
Lorna and Monty Elliot, Ashland, OR

"I couldn't decide between a waffle and a crepe, so I had both, with ice cream and chocolate...mmm!"
Jessica Chou, Plano, TX

"I bumped into my high school friend in the middle of a street"
Garrison Jones, Tufts College

"I was dancing in the rain in the middle of a street"
Becky Alexander Kent State University

"I ran into my uncle in a train station!"
Nick Zieber, University of Oregon

"I went and saw Big Buddha on Lantau Island in the pouring rain. It was quite an adventure"
Kristen Thompson, College of Charleston

"Hong Kong at night makes Las Vegas look like a candle"
Francisco J Mendoza, University of Puerto Rico