Yokohama and Kobe, Japan

Feature Writing

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What did you do in Japan??

"I went to a hot springs with my friends... which was a slightly awkward experi ence, but fun nonetheless..."
- Greg Lilly, Florida Institute of Technology

"I went to Nara and saw the Todaiji Temple. It has the biggest Bronze Caste Buddha in t he world. We also saw the deer in the deer park."
- Christen Toepl, University of Washington

"I went to Mt. Fuji and I went to Nara and the deer park and I pet the deer. I also saw a lot of temples and shrines."
- Caitlin Thomas, Robert Morris University

"I meditated inside the 44 foot Buddha in Kamakura."
- Emmanuel Hector, Adelphi University

"I stayed around Yokohama, but when we got to Kobe, I did the Tea Ceremony and went to K yoto."
- Betty Busey, University of Pittsburgh

"I went to Tokyo, and stayed there two nights. Then I went to Kyoto and saw some temple s."
- Erica Moore, University of San Diego

"I did Tokyo overnight. I walked around Ropponggi and went to a small yakitori restauran t."
- Shahpory Pulido, Mexico City

"I took over 500 pictures."
- Kristin Hersh, Colorado State

"I went to the castle in Himeji."
- Mike Sill, USD

"I went to Kyoto and checked out the temples and shrines"
- Cait Boucher, Manhattan College

"5 cities, 5 days"
- Kelly Devlin, Cabrini College

"6 cities, 5 days"
- Brett Lane, University of Alaska

"I went to a sumo match and to Tokyo Disney and a tea ceremony!"
- Kassidy Perry, UCSB

"I went to geisha studio, Hiroshima and slept in a capsule hotel."
- Keeley Copridge, Louisville Kentucky

"I went to Asakusa and Harajuku!"
- May Au, Simmons College

"I experienced Japanese culture at its best."
- Morgan Le Meitour, NCSU

"I had a very invigoration adventure."
- David Shain, William and Mary

"I learned Japanese!"
- Marina Ivlev, CU Boulder

"I appreciated kind people."
- Tara Green, Manhattan College

"I ate great food!"
- Camilo Kohn, UVA

"I did a lot of site-seeing."
- Seth Herman, University of Maryland

"I had fun!!!"
- Andres Gomez, Universidad del Sagrado Corazon
v "I went and saw Mount Fuji."
- Mark Siracuse, Florida Gulf Coast University

"I went to Nara and saw many deer."
- Dani Perkins, Manhattan College