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Semester at Sea participants can enjoy many of the same extracurricular activities available on their home campuses while at sea. Early in the voyage participants have the opportunity to create their own clubs. Some clubs have direct academic links, such as Star Gazing and foreign language clubs, however, most primarily serve to connect community members through hobbies and interests. Whether participants want to join a choir, play chess or salsa dance, opportunities are available to them.

A floating campus needs to provide ways for participants to release stress and stay in shape. Deck 7 provides spaces for playing ball sports, weight training, group classes and swimming. Participants can also sign up for a 30 minute slot on one of the machines in the ship's gym. The treadmills, elliptical machines, Stairmasters, and stationary bikes are available 24 hours a day. You will also find participants playing table tennis and kicking around the hackey sack on Deck 4. Many participants bring their own recreation equipment with them, but for those who could not find space in their luggage, equipment is available for check out through the Student Life Desk. For those who release stress best by relaxing, the ship's Spa provides a full menu of services, including massage, hair and body treatments.

In general, the Student Life Desk is the "go to" spot for life at sea. Participants can reserve community spaces for group activities outside class hours. In addition to recreation equipment, participants can check out games and puzzles. Registrations for group fitness classes and special campus events (not to be confused with field excursions) are administered in this space, too.

Participants can also be found lounging in the Piano Bar and Pool Bar areas on Decks 6 and 7. These informal spaces provide great settings for group and individual study for those who prefer a little background noise. The ship's community is full of musicians who can regular be found offering spontaneous performances in the Piano Bar area. Participants are welcome to sing along if they know the tunes.

Laura Buchs - General Programming, Resident Director
Fitchburg, WI