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1. Interport/Host Committee:
The Interport/Host Committee will have the opportunity to welcome diplomats to the ship, present the Dean's gifts, and greet the interport students upon their arrival to the ship (arriving in Hawaii, Japan, etc.). In addition, this committee will encourage intercultural exchange throughout our shipboard community in a variety of other ways.

SAS student Nicole Klepper (Calabasas, CA) has the inside scoop with: Get to know our interport students

2. Goodwill Committee:
The Goodwill Committee is responsible for spreading "goodwill" amongst our shipboard community. Examples of this include helping coordinate the Crew Appreciation Day (October 22), Faculty Appreciation Day (November 22), and collaborating with the Students of Service.

3. Ambassadors Ball Committee:
The Ambassadors Ball will plan and coordinate our last big event of the voyage. The Ambassador's Ball will take place on Saturday, December 1, 2007. Check back after the event for pictures and quotes.