Bangkok, Thailand

Feature Writing

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We took the 30 min bus ride to a really secluded place where all the elephants were held. We arrived and were given a bushel of bananas so we could feed the "majestic beasts" ha-ha. I couldn't believe I was going to be close enough to feed an elephant soon! (But boy was I in for more!) We fed the elephants and they were SO BIG! There trunks were just like noses, and they were really wet with boogers ha-ha just like a human nose! Next the instructors informed us that the elephants were going to walk down to the lake to take a bath and they needed volunteers to go with them. So me being me volunteered myself along with Kelsey to go with them! We climbed right up onto the elephant and sat right on their neck. The elephant was SOOOO cool! Its skin felt really rough and had bristle like hairs. We went to the lake and the elephant just got right in with me on his back! I got really wet. He went all the way under and I got wet up to my waist, but it was so worth it and we got some really good pictures. That was definitely a really fun day and a cool experience.

Amy Wood -- Westfield State College
Franklin, MA