Bangkok, Thailand

Feature Writing

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"Took a break from life and relaxed on the beach"
PJ Watrous Orange County, CA

"Interacting with the long neck hill tribe and playing with the little girls who were beginning their neck training."
Josh Lederman, Tucson AZ

"I went to the Rural Thailand English Camp. We sang songs and danced with high school students."
Emily Ostroff, Dedham, MA

"I pet tigers in Thailand."
Jacqueline Johnson, San Francisco, CA

"I went to the tiger temple, road elephants, floated on the river Kwoi, stayed at a hotel that floated on the water, and went to Bangkok."
Mark Baker, Portland, OR

"My bus broke down on the side of the road and I had to flag down a cab to get on the ship on time!"
Meagan Hagerty