Istanbul, Turkey


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"Everything about Istanbul captured my heart. The people, the architecture, the cafes, the nightlife, music, etc. All resulting from the crossroads between east and west. I can't wait to live there one day."
Julia Pollard, Seattle, WA

"My favorite part was just sitting in the cafes and watching the culture and lives of the Turkish people go by"
Megan Curran, San Jose, Ca

"The geography in Cappadocia was unreal. We climbed into the rock caves and underground cities that people lived in hundreds of years ago. It was really nice to travel outside the big city of Istanbul and see this hidden treasure that few people know about."
Kelsey Komoser, Danville, CA

"Cappadocia rocked my socks off!"
Andrew Hua, Los Angeles, CA

"I loved bargaining for tea and other gifts at the spice bazaar."
Natalie Cuher, Dickson, ND

"I would suggest that future voyagers visit the Blue Mosque, it""mazing and free. You really get a sense of the Turkish Muslims. Also the sunsets and sunrises are amazing."
Cole Santos, Maui HI