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What did you do in Vietnam?

"We went on a tour of Caotao temple. We missed the bus and had to meet up with the tour guide at a local restaurant."
Pak Ming Tang, Hong Kong

"After coming from a culture with a stigma of war surrounding Vietnam I was most pleasantly surprised by the hospitality and connectedness of the Vietnamese people."
Jesse Kumbera, Bellevue, WA

"I enjoyed traveling down the Mekong Delta."
Morgan Mai, Canton, China

"I left to go to Cambodia. It presented a great opportunity to see sights that were briefly mentioned in history class and to see their impact on the culture and society. When I came back to Vietnam I explored the markets."
Mohamed Barakat, Hanson, MA

You Saw WHAT On The Back of A Moped???

5 goats

At least a dozen chicken cages

An 8 x 11 sheet of drywall

A family of 6 people

A HUGE television set

A large fish tank with live fish for the market

Someone fishing out of a mud puddle

4 live sheep

An entire dining room set

A washing machine